T-Rex Module

T-Rex Module

T-Rex Module;

Artikuls: 07139

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Including Loader Card

Needs 6 MHz Programmer for card

Dragon T-REX CI CAM (Conditional Access Module)

1. brand-new development

2. new revolutionary chipset "Predator™ decipher CPU"

3. no dependency to any encryption system license holder

4. True x-in-1 functionality:

• Irdeto™1, Irdeto™2, Irdeto™3, Alpha Crypt™, Beta Crypt™

• MediaGuard™1, MediaGuard™2 (both also called Aston Crypt™ or SECA™)

• Viaccess™1, Viaccess™2

• Nagravision™ (Dish Network™ USA included)

• Cryptoworks™

• Conax™

• @Sky™, Sky Crypt™1, Sky Crypt™2

• @SHL

• Dream Crypt™

• Video Guard™ (also known as NDS™) (Direct TV™ USA included)

We are not calling the product 22-in-1 to confuse you... we simply call it Multi CAS CI and it virtually decrypts anything you'll ever need to decrypt*

*Depending on software loaded into Dragon CI



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