Multiswitch Terra MSV 508

Multiswitch Terra MSV 508

Multiswitch Terra MSV 508;

Artikuls: 110383

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The multiswitch is dedicated for medium and bigger installations (20-80 outlets) with distribution of SAT IF and terrestrial TV signals. The multiswitch has got built-in amplifiers for terrestrial and satellite TV, but requires an external power supply. MSV-5xx series enables adjustment of SAT IF gain (independently for higher and lower band - as distinct from MSR-5xx series). It allows to equalize levels of the bands, which reduces cross-coupling and improves signal quality. Cross-coupling appears when several cables are tightly bound together. The multiswitch has been designed for indoor use only.


Free inputs and outputs of multiswitches have to be closed with terminating resistors. The MSV-508 multiswitch is powered via inputs, through coaxial cables, e.g. from SA-501 amplifiers.



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