Multiswitch Terra SS 504

Multiswitch Terra SS 504

Multiswitch Terra SS 504;

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The splitter is used in multiswitch installations to extend the bus. The bus, carrying signals from one Quatro LNB, consists of four cables. Additionally, the splitter also distributes terrestrial TV signals. The splitter is equipped with DC-transition switch that in "ON" position runs current through "H" paths to both branches. In "OFF" position it is possible only within one path.

Main features: * - 5 paths * - used within installations with multiswitches making use of sub-network partition * - replaces 5 individual TV/SAT splitters * - equipped with optionally switched-on DC transition * - also available in tap versions: SS-510 R70516, SS-515 R70517, SS-520 R70518

Name SS-504; Frequency range satellite signal 0.95-2.3 GHz; terrestrial signal 5-862 MHz; Tap loss satellite signal 4 dB; terrestrial signal 4 dB; Separation between outputs >30 dB; DC-transition current 2 A max.; Working temperature -20ºC to 50ºC; Dimensions 117x106x34 mm; Weight 0.3 kg



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